Innovation Masterclass

Detecon’s innovation masterclass is focused on empowering current and aspiring innovation leaders with the right tools to take their company’s
innovation to new heights.

Participants will learn how to develop innovation strategies, set ambitious and inspiring OKRs, establish a culture of innovation, create effective innovation challenges, incentise programme engagement, and rapidly take opportunities from ideas to living products or services. After successfully completing the innovation masterclass, the new “Innovation Masters” will have the knowledge and tools to develop an effective and scalable innovation programme for their company. To see upcoming classes near you, follow the link below.

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Detecon, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, is a leading growth and business transformation consultancy with a focus on OKR and innovation strategy.

Through their Detecon Innovation Institute (DII), the innovation powerhouse helps companies of all sizes pursue digital transformation through coaching, strategising, and ideation programmes that generate scalable and impactful innovative results. With offices and innovation hubs in San Francisco, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Berlin, and other cities around the world, the Detecon team of over 1,000 consultants is highly capable, specialised and experienced in capturing technological ideas and transforming them into marketable and scalable products and services. Throughout the last 40 years, Detecon has delivered 20,000+ projects worldwide, developed holistic frameworks and transformed companies to thrive in innovation. This is made possible by designing and implementing individually tailored solutions for various types of innovation use cases.

Detecon’s approach to innovation

There is an increasing speed in digital disruption and the need for every company to transform. To facilitate future competitiveness, Detecon uses an approach that includes a blend of agile leadership, people empowerment, digitisation, and innovation strategy building. Through partnerships with key technology companies like Nectir, Detecon’s clients experience greater growth and innovation that is aligned to strategy than ever before.

Set Strategy and OKRs

Identify and set a strategy and OKRs based on internal strengths and external opportunities. The strategy and OKRs are supported through an effective leadership communications strategy and set challenges.

Empower & Incentivise Stakeholders

Identify the best incentives that will drive the company’s strategy and goals. Empower employees and internal champions through method training and trend inspirations.

Set challenges to collect ideas

Launch campaigns and create set challenges based on identified opportunities. Reinforce organisation-wide collaboration through ongoing leadership communication and cross-functional workshops.

Validate ideas through sprints

Augment method training through facilitated sprints that validate feasibility, viability, and desirability of ideas. Strengthen validation through external market data, customer research, and technical assessments.

Execute fast to achieve strategic goals

Assess and realign OKRs. Create momentum through quick wins and start disruptive initiatives for your “moonshot” goals. Reassess and realign OKRs as needed.

Detecon Partnership with Nectir

Detecon and Nectir have joined forces to empower enterprises in launching, managing and executing employee-generated ideas.

Nectir’s platform allows a business to address challenges, mobilise the right resources and efficiently enable solutions. Detecon’s comprehensive experience in executing innovation and strategy initiatives combined with Nectir’s flexible ideation-platform offers a unique opportunity to steer clients promising ideas into beneficial business solutions with measurable results.

Nectir’s platform enables Detecon and their clients to set, measure, and manage the innovation strategies established through Detecon run workshops. Detecon consultants are fully trained on Nectir’s software, enabling them to implement and manage programmes run on the platform for any of their clients.


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