For fast-moving medium businesses and modern large-scale enterprises


Capture ideas from across your business

New idea submission

Custom idea audiences

Strategy alignment and measurement

Line manager idea review

Community voting

Idea ranking

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Create campaigns to solve challenges and realise opportunities

Custom challenge setup

Crowd-source ideas

Challenge-to-strategy alignment

Custom audiences

Custom timing

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Sprint teams

Validate ideas with cross-functional team expertise and input

Sprint team setup

Cross-function team collaboration

Custom business requirements

Crowd-sourced sprint team support

Team tasks

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You’re in total control

Full gamification and innovation scores   •   Custom incentives and leaderboards   •   Admin reporting dashboards

User access management   •   Global and user-specific permissions   •   Single-sign-on

Strategy setting   •   Behavioural setting   •   Alignment measurement

Rapid innovation

Ideate and validate, faster

Collect ideas, set challenges and turn ideas into real team sprints to find viable, implementable solutions, ready for leader sign-off.


All the brain power, powered up

Motivate activity, behaviours and outputs

Nectir uses some of the latest technology in behavioural science to spark motivation. With built-in social and behavioural rewards and the ability to incentivize performance, your teams will be motivated to innovate, constantly.

Aligning ideas to strategy

Every idea support your innovation strategy

Nectir ensures that ideas are strategically aligned by applying a higher ranking for ideas that support one or more of your business strategies.

Say goodbye to bottlenecks

The right people see the right ideas

Remove bottlenecks with intuitive idea flows that  make reviewing and publishing ideas simpler.  Nectir creates natural flows for ideas to be  approved by the right people – no matter how  complex the business.


Understand engagement and action

With a comprehensive dashboard executives can assess performance and adjust the innovation engine to prompt different type of thinking and behaviours.

Start something exciting!

Capture ideas from hundreds of team members, in minutes