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Smart Innovation

Customisable behaviour

Set Nectir to drive the types of behaviours and performance you want to see form your team.

Strategy alignment

You input your strategy focus areas, Nectir measures how your teams are contributing to it.

Integrated gamification

Innovation scores are created from an integrated, automated engine that measures performance and behaviours.

Organic Innovation

Goodbye bottlenecks in the innovation department. Hello innovation, driven by the business.

Our Latest Insights

Embed a culture that supports Creativity and Innovation

Original Article by: Applied Innovation Centre “Very few leaders know how to achieve an Innovation culture” So concludes independent research of Western Australian businesses conducted by the Applied Innovation Centre.

Want to speed up innovation? Kill the snake

Shift from process to progress A fundamental philosophy of Nectir is to increase the rate at which businesses innovate. And, within this philosophy is a belief that there is no place for drawn out stage-gates in a connected business world.

7 lessons on building an innovation programme

A successful innovation programme needs to be focused yet dynamic, fast yet considered.To implement a programme that gets high returns from your people’s brain power we look at key lessons learned from innovation programmes that work.