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Smart Innovation

Customisable behaviour

Set Nectir to drive the types of behaviours and performance you want to see form your team.

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Strategy alignment

You input your strategy focus areas, Nectir measures how your teams are contributing to it.

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Integrated gamification

Innovation scores are created from an integrated, automated engine that measures performance and behaviours.

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Organic Innovation

Goodbye bottlenecks in the innovation department. Hello innovation, driven by the business.

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Four Amazing Manufacturing Innovations of 2020

2020 was an extremely tough year for businesses around the world. The lockdowns and restrictions that COVID-19 imposed especially impacted the manufacturing industry. Some would even call it the perfect storm created by a mix of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), the accelerating need to decrease the carbon footprint, raising trade tensions and economic instability.

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5 ways to maintain a strong company culture with a remote workforce

Despite the many negatives of 2020, one outcome that many would agree has been positive is the rapid adoption of new technology in business. In fact, a McKinsey study estimated that some companies have accelerated their adoption of technology by almost 5 years!

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The complexity of the human is more important than the complexity of the technology

The complexity of the human is more important than the complexity of the technology when it comes to adoption We receive daily reminders on the technological advances we are making as a society.

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