The world's smartest idea & innovation software

Capture ideas, set challenges and bring ideas to life through rapid team sprints.

From great idea to business solution, seamlessly.

Nectir brings all the key pieces of an innovation program together in one space. It’s simpler, smarter, and more intuitive, because you teams expect a 21st century experience when turning great ideas into real business solutions.


Capture great ideas

Big thinking or incremental thinking from the people in the know.


Set Challenges

Group-wide or line manager challenges to solve problems or jump on to opportunities.


Social Ecosystem

Live idea review, collaboration, voting and strategy alignment.


Sprint Teams

Shifting great ideas into dedicated sprints to provide viable business solutions for management approval.

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Smarter Innovation


Customisable behaviour

Set Nectir to drive the types of behaviours and performance you want to see form your team.


Strategy alignment

You input your strategy focus areas, Nectir measures how your teams are contributing to it.


Integrated gamification

Innovation scores are created from an integrated, automated engine that measures performance and behaviours


Organic Innovation

Goodbye bottlenecks in the innovation department. Hello innovation, driven by the business.

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