Shift from process to progress

A fundamental philosophy of Nectir is to increase the rate at which businesses innovate. And, within this philosophy is a belief that there is no place for drawn out stage-gates in a connected business world.

Multi-stage approval processes simply create cost in time, effort and money (read waste), especially in structurally complicated businesses, otherwise called the process snake. Why not use the skills in that structure, at the right time – at one time? Innovating, quickly, requires that your business capture, test and implement great ideas in an agile manner.

Use complex business skills in sprints

At Nectir we believe in one-stage idea validation (we use the global term of “Sprints”), where cross-functional team members are tasked with validating an idea and giving it the required meat-on-bones for business approval. Here cross-functional team members join together to evaluate and validate a promoted idea. The time cost of innovation is radically reduced, the process simplified and the output is enriched with the collective insight of your selected team.

Colin Iles, an esteemed Disruptive Strategist, Consultant and Nectir Professional Partner explains in this video how to kill the Process Snake in 5 Steps. Many of the principles apply to why you should set up cross-function sprint teams to get ideas across the line.

For more of Colin’s thinking on purposeful businesses and innovation visit his website.